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SINCE 1986
Office: 949-423-8959
Toll Free: 800-895-2202
Fax Number: 949-760-6583
Office: 949-423-8959
Toll Free: 800-895-2202
Fax Number: 949-760-6583

Juvenile Offenses

While some lawyers over-extend themselves by attempting to practice in non-criminal defense areas of law, I focus entirely on the defense of criminal offenses, whether they be felonies, misdemeanors, or violations of juvenile law!

If your child or the child of a family friend you know has been charged with a juvenile offense and is scheduled to appear in juvenile court, I urge you to call me for a free consultation before going into the lion’s den without a lawyer!

In juvenile court, minors are at the same level of risk of prosecution and jail punishment as adults. The only difference is process and procedure, compounded with the fact that minors have even fewer rights than do adults. Felonies and misdemeanors alike are routinely charged against juveniles, and for certain offenses, contrary to popular belief, juvenile criminal records are not sealed but follow the minor into adulthood.

Don’t gamble with the child’s freedom or future! Protect the rights of the minor. Otherwise he or she will become just another victim of the criminal justice system!

Preventing a conviction of any kind should be your first and only priority for the minor!  

Act now and fight back – not after it is too late!

  • Counseling with Parents and Child
  • Appearance at Detention and Fitness Hearings
  • Assistance with Probation Evaluations
  • Preparation of Defense to Charges
  • Preparation of Alternatives to Prosecution
  • Diversion of Charges to Non-Criminal Conclusion
  • Referral to Social Agencies for Treatment
  • Release to Family Pending Prosecution of Charges
  • Community Service in Place of Juvenile Hall

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